AfroGanix Offers:

  • Dropshipping (we’ll pick, pack, and ship the product directly to the customer

  • Timely freight transportation throughout the United States with box trucks ranging from 16’ to 24’ in size and with lift gate capabilities. 

  • Full truckload (FTL), less than a truckload (LTL), warehousing and distribution or just-in-time service

  • Quality logistics coordination services including clean, climate-controlled, totally secure warehousing and efficient distribution.

  • Pharmaceutical deliveries by dedicated staff with extensive experience in the transportation of time-sensitive medical supplies •

  • An online ordering and tracking

  • A seamless logistics process.

  • Expedited service

  • Climate controlled transportation

  • Our advanced online ordering and tracking system for increased efficiency and accountability in our logistics services.

  • Product Development

We offer 16 domestic facilities including: Arkansas, California,  Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington D.C., Wisconsin. 

We also have 10+ On Demand Products.


Our Process

A customer buys a product on your ecommerce website.


You send the order information to your dropship supplier (US).


AfroGanix picks, packs, and ships the product directly to the customer


Our Flow

Pick and Pack Included in the cost

1)      You maintain products on your website or marketplace (companies MUST have SKU # per product)

2)      When a customer orders a product, you as the merchant receive a notification.

3)      Order Information forwarded to AfroGanix either manually or automatically (settings).

4)      AfroGanix fulfills the order and ships it directly to the customer



You’ll find our prices are very competitive in addition to the top-quality expertise we offer.

Please Contact for pricing.


Transportation Fees Monthly - Per Occurrence 

Dedicated driver/ biker provided at a competitive rate either with or without a vehicle.

Take advantage of our convenient electronic monthly billing.​

Disclaimer: Transportation & Shipping Varies based on courier, destination, weight, dimensions, shipping service, miles, destination, and more.


Small Businesses We're Here For You!

AfroGanix specializes in aligning businesses with Distribution, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment entities on a global scale. We endeavor to be the premiere source for identifying local, regional, and/or international entities getting your quality products to customers who need them across the globe! Please Contact for consultation about how we can help you scale your business.



AfroGanix is on a mission to connect businesses with customers and communities everywhere. By creating more synergy and equipping businesses with tools and resources to increase visibility and sales at the local level, there is tremendous potential to help communities flourish. Our experienced staff and a proven process helps us ensure your satisfaction and develop lasting business relationships.


​Our success depends on getting “What You Need, When You Need It, Where You Need it!”

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our success depends on getting “What You Need, When You Need It, Where You Need it!”