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Welcome to the World of AFROGANIX!

What You Need...When You Need It...Where You Need It



AfroGanix specializes in aligning businesses with Distribution, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment entities on a global scale. We endeavor to be the premiere source for identifying local, regional, and/or international entities getting your quality products to customers who need them across the globe!


With capable and experienced staff, AfroGanix strengthens relationships between businesses and consumers, while also stimulating job growth within local communities.​


Whether by bike, car, van, truck or airport service (with next flight out of Tampa International Airport), whatever option you choose, we won’t disappoint. Our dedicated staff and safe drivers have extensive experience with a variety of cargo (including time-sensitive like medicines, vaccines and other medical supplies). 


We serve your needs efficiently by utilizing the latest climate-controlled storage and transportation facilities for safe and secure warehousing and efficient distribution. Our safe drivers and expert management team contribute to a quality same day delivery service and eliminate the risk of delay or damage.

AfroGanix, LLC was established in 2016 to assist in rebuilding and sustaining the infrastructure of businesses. AfroGanix is on a mission to connect businesses with customers and communities everywhere. By creating more synergy and equipping businesses with tools and resources to increase visibility and sales at the local level, there is tremendous potential to help communities flourish. Our experienced staff and a proven process helps us ensure your satisfaction and develop lasting business relationships.


​Our success depends on getting “What You Need, When You Need It, Where You Need it!”

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